Complete Business Solutions for Coffee, Cocoa and other commodities
eCOPS is the e-commerce vertical supply chain management tool that minimizes the time, effort, and cost to create and maintain commodity delivery documents. eCOPS provides the user with a unique, single portal to access the documentation relating to title, storage, transfers, sampling, weighing, grading and delivery instructions for commodities from producer to end user.


  • 24 x 7 electronic interchange and central repository for all data
  • Secure encryption protection for all data
  • Electronic data stream becomes basis to create, update and view documents used to track ownership transfer, transporting, storage, and delivery of physical commodities
  • Automatically routes documents and events to all impacted parties immediately upon creation or modification of the documents
  • Role-based functions and data access for Dealers, Warehouse Operators, Financial Institutions, Samplers, Weighers, Graders, Ocean and Land Carriers

More Information

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  • Provides centralized tool for all participants within the commodities products supply chain
  • Enhances traceability of ownership details for supply chain management and billing
  • Promotes the use of a commodity as collateral to finance commodity operations
  • 24 x 7 real-time data access and updates
  • Provides multiple layers of security for all documents and data
  • Eliminates the cost and delays of issuing paper receipts
  • Standardization of documents


  • Creating, updating, viewing electronic documents and associated events for owners, dealers, financial institutions, insurance institutions, warehouse storage facilities, samplers, weighers, graders, and land/ocean carriers
  • Creating and tracking billing records related to using eCOPS features
  • Providing documents to satisfy Shipping, Customs, and other governmental regulatory agencies
  • Providing mechanism for both exchange and commercial deliveries


eCOPS documents and data can be accessed using the Internet browser, via a proprietary Client Application or using Web Services. Only registered eCOPS users are permitted to access the system.

Internet Browser
eCOPS works with Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later. Other varieties of web browsers (e.g., Firefox, Opera) may work as well. If you are accessing eCOPS using an Internet browser, there is no software to be installed. Simply open the web browser, type on the address bar, and you are on your way.

Web Services
Enables computer-to-computer communication using a set of standard Internet technologies such as HTTP/S, XML and SOAP, connecting business processes of various organizations. For more information, contact eCOPS Customer Service at (212) 748-4110, or e-mail us at

A proprietary Client Application installed on your desktop that provides fast access to eCOPS data in spreadsheet format. This application is very useful when there is a need to perform data analysis or working with large volumes of deliveries. For more information, contact eCOPS Customer Service at (212) 748-4110, or e-mail us at

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