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Take advantage of the business solutions eCOPS® offers to all segments of the supply chain for the coffee and cocoa industries and participate in the dynamic world of electronic document deliveries. Registration is free, and all information is private and will not be used for any other purpose other than eCOPS administration.

Upon approval of your registration, eCOPS Customer Service will be in touch with you to make arrangements to set up your connection to the system, train your companys personnel and issue access codes.

If you have any questions about the information requested in the application or covered in the agreement, please contact eCOPS, LLC Marketing at
or at (212) 748-4206.


Based on the role(s) you will be performing in eCOPS, please use the corresponding link(s) to download the appropriate Registration Application and User Agreement :

If you wish to register as a Warehouse Operator, use the following link:

Warehouse Operator Registration Application and User Agreement >>

If you wish to register as a Sampler and/or a Weigher, use the following link:

Sampler and Weigher Registration Application and User Agreement >>

If you wish to register as a commodity owner, dealer, financial institution, clearing member, grader or any other role, use the following link:

General Purpose Registration Application and User Agreement >>

Note: If you are registering in eCOPS to perform the roles of a warehouse operator and a sampler and/or weigher, you have to submit Applications and User Agreements for both a Warehouse and a Sample and Weigher.

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How to register with eCOPS:

You will need to complete and submit to eCOPS, LLC the Registration Application and the User Agreement.

The Registration Application will ask you to provide identification and contact information, select a commodity and indicate the eCOPS role you plan to assume in the handling of that product. In the case of Warehouse operators, standard terms and conditions for issuing warehouse receipts are also requested. In the case of a company, you are asked to designate someone as the contact for all eCOPS operations and who will act as the eCOPS administrator on behalf of the company. Should your business require any special considerations, you may be asked to supply additional information.

The User Agreement is tailored to the nature of the business you conduct. Warehouse Operators, and Samplers and Weighers will execute user agreements specific to those roles. All others will execute a general form of agreement.

If you would like to register on eCOPS, please download the application and agreement forms(see Forms section on this page), print, complete, date and sign them, and fax AND mail the forms to:

Valerie Colaizzo, Managing Director, Commodity Operations
55 East 52nd Street
41st Floor
New York, NY 10055

Fax: (888) 452-1953, Attn: Valerie Colaizzo

Please, call us at (212) 748-4110 or email at to confirm the receipt of the Registration Application and User Agreement forms.

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